1956 – 1973
NOVEMBER 4, 2016


The subject of the Margaret Howell 2017 calendar will be Design Centre posters selected from the University of Brighton Design Archives. An accompanying exhibition of 25 posters also chosen by Margaret will be held at 34 Wigmore Street, London W1.

The Design Centre opened in 1956, aiming to educate consumers, engage overseas buyers and inform designers, manufacturers and retailers. Located at 28 Haymarket, London, it featured a permanent display of British manufactured goods and a lively programme of exhibitions.

Leading graphic designers such as Abram Games and Hans Schleger were commissioned to create posters to promote its work. They were displayed on the outside of the Design Centre and elsewhere in London, conveying the importance of consumer education and the values of good design. The posters signaled the interest in new products and the changing expectations of British consumers.

The range of posters displayed in the calendar and exhibition chosen for their strong graphic design provide a taste of the energy that characterized its work in its heyday – a vibrant and engaging reminder of the aspirations of design promoters in creating better things for everyday life.

The exhibition will run from:
05 – 20 NOVEMBER

Profits from the sale of this calendar will be donated to Open-City.

The calendar is available in our shops and online.



Margaret Howell has launched two additional exclusive colours for the Anglepoise Type 75 desk lamp. The new colours chosen for the collection – Saxon Blue and Seagrass – compliment the existing Yellow Ochre lamp.

“I feel I’ve lived with Anglepoise most of my life – school homework under the light of an original black square based Anglepoise, and later acquiring various coloured styles designed in the 1960s and 70s. One favourite, rescued from a skip, is a Yellow Apex 90, later to inform the choice of Yellow Ochre for the re-modelled Type 75 lamp.  Now, collaborating with Anglepoise we have added Saxon Blue and Seagrass to Yellow Ochre to make an exclusive colour range for the Type 75. We chose colours that we felt would act as accent colour and sit well in both a domestic and working interior.”

___  Margaret Howell


The Type 75, designed in 2004 by British industrial product designer Sir Kenneth Grange, reinterprets the original 1930s Anglepoise design. Its clean lines combine with the perfect balance and range of movement made possible by the unique spring mechanism of an Anglepoise lamp.

All three colours are available in our shops and online.