MARCH 1, 2011

This is the second in a series of collaborations with designers from other fields whose work Margaret particularly admires. This time her partner in the making of a unique shirt is Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility.

Working with Sam Hecht was easy and pleasurable. Partly because we share a similar approach to design, paring away the inessential to find the purely useful, but also because it was clear from the start Sam knew exactly what he wanted. A prolific designer of a wide range of products, his vision was for a shirt to reflect his lifestyle – busy and urban, with much of it spent on two wheels. Sam took a shirt, then took it apart. Why not, he said, turn up the tail to make back pockets?’

— Margaret Howell  2011

‘My discovery of Margaret Howell’s clothing has been a joyful surprise.

That Margaret herself has a burgeoning curiosity about the modern condition, about how we live for simple pleasures, honest materials, the kind of authenticity which people always want to come back to – is something we share and that motivates me too. It seemed reasonable to design a shirt that appears familiar but also reflects how people are moving around the city these days.’

— Sam Hecht

Industrial Facility  2011

The result is a pale blue cotton shirt, pre-washed, with minimal front detailing. The back detail is inspired by turning up the tail of a classic shirt to create a divided pocket. An extra pocket on the left sleeve can hold a travel card. This is a shirt for both cycling and wearing in the work place.

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin founded the London design office Industrial Facility in 2002. They have developed a range of projects in the areas of furniture, electronics, consumer products, fashion and interiors. Their work is in the permanent collections of museums around the world.

Industrial Facility believes that design should simplify our lives. They practice rigorous investigation and analysis to achieve this, concerned not just with the detail, make and function of an object, but also the place where it will spend its life.

The Margaret Howell Plus Sam Hecht shirt is no longer available to buy